Getting Personal

Behind Bella In Skin


Why “Bella In Skin” you may ask. Well as a young girl I became a hopeless romantic from listening to Spanish and English love songs by Shakira, Mana, Robin Thicke, and Montell Jordan, to watching highly dramatic soap opera’s with my mother in her room but they always ended happily ever after….Though that’s not what happens in real life. In order to love someone you need to love yourself first. Loving your whole essence, to the birth mark you were born with to your uneven breast and for men their size of their penis. But I’m sure this has been heard by all the men and women of this earth. Love is about being confident in your own skin, feeling beautiful and I have accomplish that with countless battles to prove myself who I was intended to be. Put aside the BS and let’s be real for a second, the way you feel about yourself is the way you project your decision making in life and your behavior towards others around you. Developing hateful vibes because you don’t like the way you look or because there are things in your life that are not to your liking, FINE!! but they should only be direct to yourself because you have the power to change that in a heart beat and only YOU!!! I might sound like a  motivational speaker though I speak out of life experiences. Bella in skin, Beautiful in skin.



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