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Traveling to different places…Creates my fashion inspiration.

Fashion lets talk.

It’s time for some girl talk. 

Come on and have a sit…I saved a glass of wine for you!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada Outfit name: “A leather Affair”

A Spontaneous trip to Vegas lead me to great fashion.

Vegas otherwise know as the “Sin City” is one of the sexiest city to dress your best especially in the hot summer desert of Nevada. 13116634_1040943892644206_1494340938_n(1)

When I think about Sin City in the fashion aspect I think black leather, red lipstick, Christian Louboutin clutch. Besides buying expensive hand bags my outfits are less than half the price. I shop smart. For example if I see a piece of clothed article from Guess but it is not being sold for a pocket friendly price I wait for when it to go on sale or even better find something similar. Go to ROSS!!! Ross has unbeatable bargains.  This leather skirt retails for $89.00-$100.00 named brand “Guess” As shown below.

“Guess” Leather Skirt $89-$100
  • IMG_2050
    “A Leather Affair” running the run way up the Hakkassan night club in Sin City.

    Leather Pencil Skirt purchased from Ross Dress For Less. Retailed for $12.99 sure beats Guess price total savings around $80 bucks, Your bank will thank you later.

  • Leather Crop Top purchased at my local bargain clothing store in Culver City retailed for $10.oo BUT it’s originally from Forever 21. Are you surprised? All cities have a low-cost clothing store that get imported brands such as, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, and Abercrombie And Fitch. These are article of clothing that the stores didn’t get to profit out off and often sell in bulks to smaller unbranded stores across the world. For example “Buffalo Exchange” is a great store to find your favorite brands that would benefit you and  your wallet. Here’s
    “Mandalay Bay Resort” Amazing View

    a front view of “A Leather Affair” And a closer view with my fiance.

“We don’t wait in line, VIP Entrance to the Hakkasan.
  • Fiance is sporting a Diamond Supply Co. Collar Shirt. Ironically his last name starts with the letter “D” ha.  And Jeans are from Forever 21 male line and is keeping track of a wild Las Vegas night with his Rolex watch.

Next Fashion City…..The Sun Shine State.

South Beach Miami, Photographed by Bellainskin

South Beach Miami is known for their hot exclusive night life and shallow beaches. As I have experienced myself a few weeks ago…A dream to die for vakay.

  • When I thought about traveling to Miami I obviously thought about the “Miami Vice” The colorful suits for the men and the colorful short mini dresses for the ladies and bikinis to none. Also the fancy drinks that came with a well dressed couple. I wanted to create a perfect outfit for my fiance and I that would make us feel like the true Miami Vice experience and that inspired me to name this couple’s outfit “Miami Vice The Experience” and of course without the pricey tags.
  • Bottom is a gorgeous Red Mini Dress by Guess retails for $104.99 and went on sale for $52.49 even the sale price for a short dress is a little pricey for my pocket. I decided to go on a search and found almost the exact dress more than half the original sale price and the “on sale”price. Good job Forever 21. I only spent $15 bucks for the dress.
  • One think I will point out that men’s clothing is more expensive than women. Even in Forever 21. The outfit below is from Forever 21 men line. This very Miami outfit viewed below, Button up collar shirt with bird detailed retailed for $17.00 and the shorts around $20.o0. But did you know that Macy’s actually has a sale almost so often where you can purchase a shirt and or a shorts, pants and get the next pair for FREE!!!??? Mind blowing. Till this day I still remember him going wild in the mall. Trying on different colors shirts and shorts and being very excited that the other pair would be free!!!




Miami vice
Outfit: “Miami Vice The Experience”      Photographed “Miami, Florida”

So, if you’re a fella that likes money and want to keep more of it in your bank then shop fashion on a bargain. Search for cheap clothing stores around your city. They might be hidden an a block near you.

Oops…..We’ve finished the wine bottle, til next time my fellow fashionistas.

Xo-Bella in Skin.

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One thought on “Traveling to different places…Creates my fashion inspiration.

  1. Great article. I’m in fashion major in FIDM. I enjoyed the examples/brands you used. Great writing skills, You are every charismatic. Excellent blog!!! =)


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