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South Beach Miami “The Hidden Agenda”

History of Miami

“6:30 AM Miami Sunrise shortly after arriving, my travel partner and I couldn’t wait.”
“Travel Partner and I enjoying the humid weather early in the morning.

Miami is the only major city in the U.S founded by a women named Julia Tuttle in 1896. The name Miami or should I say “The Mayaimi” was named from one of the Native American Tribes The Tequesta Tribe in the 16th century living nearly for 2,000 years. They lived on the Biscayne Bay before the Spaniards gain control of Florida in 1513 , when Juan Ponce De Leon claimed peninsular Florida for Spain during the first official European expedition to North America.  Miami, Florida is located between the Everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east along with the Atlantic Ocean. Miami has a lot of history that implemented what it is today but it was only until the 1920’s when it really started to grow as a city. South Beach’s main streets (5th Street, Lincoln Avenue, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, and Ocean Drive) were all suitable for automobile traffic. Because of the millionaires at the time took interest in building houses in Miami Beach. The 29th President of the United States Warren G. Harding took part while staying at the Flamingo Hotel at the time for vacation. Don’t let this beautiful photograph of the Atlantic Ocean with its beautiful 6:30AM sunrise fool. In the 1920’s-1940’s was when the Arts Décoratifs also known as “Art Deco” became to arise in America. Art Deco is an influential visual arts design style that first appeared in France just before  World War 1 and became to influence internationally and is my favorite decor here back at home. Here in Los Angeles I came across some Art Deco historic buildings such as the Culver City Hotel in Culver City and the James Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles, (It’s a must see) BUT not as common as in Miami.

The Albion Hotel in the evening. 13767558_157730794648066_253446034_n

 “Grasping the moments before heading to the white sand beaches but enjoy the Art Deco                                                                          architecture behind me.


13743567_1043270085728488_560426990_n                  ”View from our suite”

Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach Time to Explore!!!Exploring

Lincoln Road Mall is a better version of 3rd street Promenade here in Santa Monica, California. It has about more than 100 stores, restaurants, and clubs, bars throughout Lincoln Road and Washington Ave. I shopped in this amazing Miami H&M that used to be the Lincoln Theater back in 1936 until the 80’s which is also another art deco building and in 2012 H&M became the first to become tenant after being unused for several years. H&M kept its enormous theater screen and it’s currently still operating as seen on the pictures. Of Course I had to pop in hence that I love clothes and all the aspects.

13671887_1772755753008676_1421798050_n                     “H&M Miami before and after”


               “Theater Screen in the originally named Lincoln Theater sill operating.

” Smile for the camera!!!


“A thoughtful Miami South Beach Greetings”

My Fiance (side note, I didn’t know I was getting engaged in Miami!!) searching for what Lincoln Road Mall has to offer or should I say he’s actually searching for the nearest Starbucks since we had to wait 4 hours to get into our hotel room because we arrived super early haha


….And we found it!!!! Here you can see the street name where traffic can merge on Washington Ave only not Lincoln Road. Time for some Coffee!!!! #itscoffeetime


Starbucks and it’s Art Deco building structure. So amazing and pleasing to the eyes.

All you see in Miami looking up are gorgeous blue skies and palm trees.


      “Let’s catch warm water waves”

Miami has the warmest winter temperatures in the United States mainland. High temperatures average from 75 to 77 degree from December through March. It’s pretty much summer all year around if you ask me.

Here we are getting ready to go!!!! BTW my Neon Coral bikini is from H&M Miami.


Him and I were just so amazed on how beautiful this city is, it’s truly stunning. As you can see we are in mid way in the Atlantic Ocean and we can still stand on our own feet given the fact that my fiance is 6’1 and I’m 5’3 feet. So crazy.

Swimming under the sea not really afraid if a shark would pass by but would make my picture better haha. Miami is known for their shallow warm waters that attract sharks all along the Florida coast line. In average there is 20 sharks attacks per year. These attracts occur after the first sandbar, after the first sandbar there is a major drop. To prevent any attacks don’t wear shiny bikinis/shorts and stating the obvious don’t enter the ocean when you have a bleeding wound and for the ladies if you’re in your menses because sharks can smell one drop of blood and in o.25 miles away. And lastly don’t swim during the night, Sharks are more active at night. I took all my photographs with the new Gopro Hero 4k if you are interested I purchased mine at Best Buy.

“Sweet paradise, we are just relaxing enjoying the sun.”

For the umbrellas’ and the beach beds you can ask your host in your hotel and ask for a discount as courtesy for your stay and they will refer you to the location they work with. You can actually drink at the beach. No I’m very serious!! You can bring your own alcohol just make sure that is not glass because glass is not allowed  due to previous injuries.  “Cheers” btw the life guard was super awesome and down to earth!

          “Miami food and Night Life”

Yuca is a Cuban upscale restaurant right in the beginning of Lincoln Road Mall. Yuca stands for Young-Urban-Cuban-American as there is a high Cuban influences since the Cuban’s fled to the US after Cuba became communist. I had a fish sandwich and fries and my fiance had the most popular Cuban Sandwich. We accompanied our lunch with drinks. The best Margarita and Guva Mojito I ever drank.

On your second night In Miami we went to a Bolivar Restaurant its a Southern American food influence. I had a “Pollo Saltado” with Cachaca a very popular drink in South America. It was really exquisite. My travel partner had Southern American cooked stake with a salad side while he drank an Adios with Southern American Cachaca mixed with rose-water and an actual rose inside the drank. Let me tell you that this was one of the best, more smoothest drinks ever. So many good flavors. I wish Los Angeles had a hidden spot like this. Later on in the evening this restaurant turns into a night club. Forgot to mention that we did get free drinks by letting our waiter know that we are tourist. Shh inside secret.

Here’s another great night, after eating some sushi at Planet Sushi we decided to explore the city more and walking down all these great historic streets at night looking up to see the tall palm trees and art deco architecture buildings walking through the humid conditions really made it special. Yes, even though it’s night-time it is hot as the sun. This night in particular I remember looking at my phone checking out the weather and it was 90 degrees!!! I choose a simple short, thin strapped dress in royal blue from Forever 21 for only $15 bucks. See I still shop in bargains. We ordered tropical drinks in mason jars on Lincoln Road Mall, I order the Mango flavor full of rum and he order the Coconut flavor.

   “In Miami Friday July 15 2016 the big hidden agenda”

As every morning while waking up in South Beach we went straight to the white sanded beaches. We literary slept, woke, and beached. Motto to live by right?! We met up with a family friend that actually lives in Orlando, Florida. He is my fiance best friend. I wasn’t suspecting that anything unusual will happen just felt like a fun relaxing day yet again so I thought. These photographs pretty much sums it up.

After we had relaxed and had a sun buzz at the beach it was time to get back to the hotel and get really for our dinner. I wondered why was I being rushed out of the water but kept that question to myself. I ran up to the hotel room got ready to go as fasted I could. We met with our friend Rico and waited for the über driver to pick us up.

After the über dropped us off, we arrived at Lake Pancoast. It is a lake connection to the ocean. Here I thought we were just going on a mini cruise in these big boats behind me.

13739443_505106673022487_1774653622_n BUT……..

My fiance surprised me on a gondola boat and my first time in an actual boat and I was freaking out. Grabbing the sides telling him not to make sudden movements. 

There was roses and Andre Champagne, everything was endless and romantic. There was a nice breeze though it was still humid. The view was to die for. Looking ahead at the tall buildings and sight seeing. Can’t forget that beautiful sunset with orange and reds skies. We fed each other my favorite chocolates Ferrero Rocher. There was music playing in the background everything was so dreamy. That was when he popped the question. 


I was beyond believe, I was shaking, laughing, and tearing of joy and how happy and how loved I felt in that moment. I honestly had no idea that this was going to happen. I thought it was just an adventure that he wanted to wander-lust about but the truth was that he was wander-lusting for me to become his wife. It was the perfect proposal I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many in chick flicks. It was perfect because there I saw a dolphin swimming around the gondola, peaking its cute nose out looking to see what is going on on the surface, It was very magical. The hidden agenda was that Miami was the place where he wanted to prove himself to me as a friend, dear husband, lover, and how incredible of a human being he is. I love you!!!


Miami for me was more than a vacation, it was paradise and in this very paradise in South Beach was when my whole life changed.

To view my engagement video and more from my Miami trip, found in my YouTube Channel  or click on the YouTube Icon found on the side bar under “Social”

-Xo Bella in Skin



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