Road Trip to Seattle; Benefits of traveling by ground Part 1.

Road Trip to Seattle

First off my fiance and I drove to Washington State. Took us a day and a half to get there. We both interchanged the wild drive. We didn’t want to fly in. We wanted to enjoy the drive and the amazing views we encountered while driving there. We started our travel time at 10:00 PM. We waited for traffic to simmer down, if you live in Los Angeles you know what crazy traffic I’m referring too. After we picked up our rental car we grabbed a late dinner and left. 7:00 AM is when we arrived to Sacramento, California. We pulled over to a near by Starbucks for personal hygiene and to of course to get some coffee.

Tip:  We drove to Seattle in March, it’s cold. Dress warm!!!

Shortly after we arrived to Oregon “The Green State” Home of the Christmas Trees I like to say.  Driving through Oregon was defiantly breath taking. I captured some pretty amazing photos. But be careful the road is very narrow and mostly taken by big industrial trucks. We made a pit stop at Whiskeytown-Shasta Trinity. Whiskytown-Shasta Trinity is a recreational area divided into three parts. Some of the activities are camping, water sports over the summer, hiking ect. It is one of the larges man made reservoir in California. I was so mesmorized by the bright green, the crisp air, the smell of the trees. Reminded me of Twilight. img_5907img_5909

See how narrow the road is? Whiskeytown-Shasta

“Mount Shasta a Northern California Land Mark, home of the Okwanuchu Tribe of Native Americans”

We drove through snow and it was so thrilling to have taken these photos with snow at the highest peak of the mountains.

We drove through Portland. Portland to me seemed like a very futuristic like city. We drove under their Portland Aerial Tram. Iconic transportation system. Portland’s highest hill could only be conquered via narrow, winding roads buffeted by dense forest and a steep cliff. The Aerial Tram opened on January 28th, 2007. I fell in love with the buildings. They were so bright and shiny due to their glass. Willamette River basin was created primarily by tectonic plates and volcanic eruptions. It is hard for me to wrap my head around it. How can a whole city be built around a river? And that is why I love to travel; so I can experience the unexpected geographic forms.

Benefits of a Road Trip:

  1. See an amazing view? oh!!? you can just pull over and BAM!!! Take a photo.
  2. Fresh crisp air. Air is different where ever you travel. And Scents connect to a memory and a memory of a travel destination you went on.
  3. You can stop whenever you please for food, “pit stop”
  4. You  tend to feel more connected to the world when on a road trip then flying on a plane.

Happy Travels!!! img_5932

Welcome to Washington State

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