Getting Personal

Minutes Before “I DO”

A Bride’s Final Thoughts

“He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

          Well here we are ladies and gentleman if you are reading. The most asked question will be answered. Ready? “So how does it feel that you’re getting married? OR “How do you feel, You’re getting married less than 10 minutes?”  These questions are quite funny. You don’t know the answers until it is actually ocurring. For one, the week before my wedding I was unable to focus. I couldn’t focus at work and I couldn’t keep up with conversations. Even with my husband. He’s deaf and my Sign Language was not to part. I felt like I was drunk, nothing was making sense to me. My mind was a whole different world that week. I was forgetting where I was driving to. At one point I had to let my sister-in-law Jasmine drive and I sat in the back seat because I was that unfocused of my surroundings. The world wasn’t making sense. I was too focused on saying “I do”. Which is the best thing that could ever happen to me and in any women’s life. I was focused on walking down the aisle to my handsome husband.

“My husband’s first face expression when he saw me walking down the aisle.”

          That morning on 1/07/17 nine o’clock AM. (I hate waking up early). Though I did wake up according to my sister-in-law/Maid of Honor “HI QUEEN!!!” We slept in the same room that night chatting about makeup and such. I woke up at six AM sleep talking and said this phrase, ” I REFUSE!!” and went back to sleep. “WHAT just happened?!” I was completely delirious even in my own sleep. “Was that an encouraging phrase or a setup for disaster?” Who knew. I had anxiety for the most part, anxiety that everything was not going to turn out well.The forecast stated it will rain. Luckily it didn’t rain in the evening. I was short a bride’s maid originally a maid of honor. I was upset. I had to do my nails that same day, shower, shave, had to buy a few other things that I needed and of course my bride’s maid and I had to stop for coffee to waken our souls. There were no minutes that day only seconds.

We finally got to our suite at the Jamaican Bay Inn. Most amazing suite I’ve ever seen. A full wall side made up of windows. Excellent lighting for makeup. I was thrilled. It was myself, a female photographer, We were all getting ready in our own room, I was being helped with hair and my dress. One of our friends bought us chicken nuggets from McDonald’s because believe us there was no time to eat remember minutes were more like seconds HAHA. I remember doing my makeup drinking champagne, a courtesy of the hotel for booking them on my special day. Everything I did felt like it was slow motion. Like the song “Slow Motion” by Juvenile lol. I felt like I wasn’t progressing in anything I was doing.

 As I was doing my makeup I felt a numbing sensation. Lost in a dream and nothing seemed to be real. I remembered speaking with Christina briefly and telling her that I was feeling an outer body experience and over seeing everything that was happening. Floating in mid-air watching. Defiantly a feeling I never felt before or thought I would be writing about. Must have been all the emotional distress going on for weeks, wedding planning, I was working full-time and going to school. Maybe it was a way that my body was letting me know it’s time to release and relax. At the end everything turned out perfect. The happiest I will ever be. This memory will never be forgotten. I’m still catching myself laugh when I think about my wedding day. I had no sense of direction or what was going on. Thanks to my bride’s maid for helping me out!!

               Did she say “I Do?”

The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return.” – Moulin Rouge


Copyright © 2017 by Bellainskin. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Minutes Before “I DO”

  1. Wow, sounds like your day was pretty interesting. My wedding day was also most the same but it is true like you said, the experience is never forgotten. Lovely page by the way. You are very creative with your unique style and words. best of luck in your marriage.


  2. I’m deaf myself, married a hearing women, don’t feel that its wrong eff people. I assume you learned ASL for him and that is exactly what love is. Hearing women are a gem to deaf man thats what I say to my wife because I love her she accepted me for me and its nice to see two “cultures” together. Great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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