About (Bella) Brenda.

“Inspired by Marilyn Monroe”


I am the oldest out of six all boy siblings. Born in Sylmar, California to being raised part time in Alexandria, Virginia. Yes, I’ve defensibly had a wild childhood. As I pride myself of being the first American generation I was determined to succeed in terms of education. For example, conquering English as my second language and Spanish being my first which I get the common remarks were it is unbelievable that Spanish is my first language and now being that American Sign Language is my third and Italian my fourth. Besides English, ASL, and Italian were self taught in front a box full of lights…(computer screen lol) I love to learn, always curious of learning the unknown But in my family I was taught that money comes first in order to support yourself and education being last. I made sure that my senior year in high school was a great experience. Won’t get into much details but I was two  years strong in my high school cheer team and started dance classes since middle school and continued, from Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance to Spanish Dancing. I Just love to perform.

“Senior Cheer Portrait, Malibu, California”


We’ve won 2nd place out of ten competing high schools in our division. I’m in the center by the Viking Mascot.  (Sharp International Cheer Competition Las Vegas, Nevada)
Arcadia, California, USA Cheer Competition.  I believe we won first place here.  “Scorpion” Can definitely still do this today. 

I loved Cheerleading because it took my mind off the bad things and it kept me focus on performing well in school, for example obtaining my straight “A’s” If you didn’t get well enough grades you can’t cheer at the football games on Friday’s or compete. As a Cheerleader in you needed to be the best representation of your school. Another reason is because being at home was hectic. Imagine being home all the time with freaking five boys playing, wrestling each other, yelling at their Play Station for losing games….HA Cheer saved me. Cheer also broke me out of my shell as I was one very timid girl in high school. Super shy to the point that I wouldn’t look people in the eyes. But when it was time cheer at the football games and dance to our band songs I was definitely game. I danced my heart out. Between you and I something that still upsets me is that my mother never went to my games. I remember seeing all the other parents showing up for the senior game because it was the last football game for all the senior football players and the last time for the cheerleaders to cheer. I remember this because all the senior athletes needed to walk down the football stadium with their parents to honored them for their succuess in high school soon to be high school graduates. I walked with my cheer coach Gabby, She was amazing and I always admired her.

Growing up with a super big family money was always in issue when it came to joining any high school sports. Cheerleading was really expensive, and I thank my mother for her strong efforts for providing my cheer uniform, paying for cheer camp ect. My point is that family will always, always have your back and take care of you when you need care the most. My last moments in high school I had three great close friends all girls. One of them I knew since fourth grade and to me that is amazing and still today we are friends She was really the opposite of me she was a “go getter” don’t mess with me type of attitude. I learned a lot from her. She is very humble doesn’t care about materialistic things in life. That is how our friendship grew. We had similar background growing up. Soon after graduation things changed with all of us.   Continuing after high school; Straight out of high school I was told I needed to pay rent, my phone was cut off by my mother. I took  major responsibilities to soon, too young (18 years old) so scary to be told that at a young age. Now I’m a very successful young women in my passion field work and married. Hehe I’m sure my  old friends became to be very successful young adults.

“Year Book Photos”

So….where was I going to get this money the world worships??? 

Growing up I always liked the thought of helping people. Straight after high school I attended nursing school. Which brought high income towards my pocket. I love to see needles and blood and all the other gruesome things you can see in an the emergency room. What grew my passion in the medical field was just that helping people get better after a cold, a cut with a glass and getting stitches after. It feels great to become a part of that healing process for someone you don’t even know. Patients come see doctors and nurses because they have complete trust in you for healing and like I said I love that I’m a part of that. My first internship was actually in Audiology. First time I ever saw a toddler with hearing aids and the face that he made when he heard his mother’s voice…It’s priceless. I was honestly amazed. In between I worked at an urgent care. I’ve learned so much there but my heart felt empty. I wasn’t doing  on what made me happy which was working with kids, seniors, deaf patients to help them in their hearing needs. I’m a type of person that when it comes to a goal I want to accomplish I become highly determined and I achieve. I resigned a year later working in urgent care and found the employment of my dreams. A well known audiology business. Again I became so eager and passionate with my career. I’m currently working on my BA in Deaf Studies attending El Camino College. 

“Hearing Aids”

“Hearing Aids make a heart because that is where my passion grew enormously” -Brenda

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